On the launch of a first in class therapy a major pharmaceutical company needed a way of educating clinicians and promoting behavioural change. As access varied across different locations the sales team needed a tool which could be tailored to the meeting length and baseline knowledge.

iOS App  |   Interactive elements  |   Gamification  |   Video content

Olice worked with SciMed Consulting to create a premium app employing gamification techniques to engage clinicians, interactive elements such as sliders and videos and a non linear navigation to allow users to dig down on content. Pre-conceptions were recorded and comparisons made with pre and post responses.

Thank you to you all for your invaluable collaboration, creative direction, hard work, and patience on this project. I think we’ve developed a fantastic tool that met the client’s brief perfectly, and also a great piece for us to showcase to other clients.
Sarah Howells

Head of Scientific Services, Scimed Consulting Ltd