How Video Helps Memory Retrieval

30th October 2018

Like 80% of the population I am now completely reliant on my smartphone. Rather than rely on my memory I simply look to my device. As learners we are now able to access the information we need, when we need it, where we need it! With mobile learning set to double by the end of […]

Don’t overload your learners

1st February 2017

Working memory (previously referred to as short term memory) has a very limited capacity and can only hold a few pieces of information at a time. It is therefore important that we help learners process essential facts and avoid cognitive overload. Although only limited amounts of information can be stored, this information can be split […]

Our Digital Future

28th November 2016

As we are constantly reminded, the area of L&D is changing rapidly. As I’m from a digital background I’m bound to say that the future of L&D lies in technology and Andy Lancaster, head of learning at the CIPD agrees. There are several key shifts in L&D, identified by Andy Lancaster, which are either driven or […]

Engage Your Learner (by Talking to Their Elephant)

5th July 2016

We’ve all been there. There’s information that we know is important, that we have been told we have to memorise and that we read over and over again whilst our mind drifts to what we should cook for dinner and who’s birthday we’ve forgotten. The problem lies with your elephant. Your conscious mind (the rider) […]

LMSless – A vision for learning in 2020

5th July 2016

I am the creative director of a company specialising in building bespoke design-led elearning. Much of my day is spent thinking about how best to show a particular bit of information or how to lead a user to a particular place in an intuitive and efficient fashion. I’m an early riser and like to run […]