Creative enterprise learning – thinking outside the LMS

6th March 2017

This weekend at a family get together, I watched as my 2-year old nephew played the CBeebies Alphablocks game on a tablet device.  For the uninitiated, this simple game helps children arrange letters of the alphabet to spell simple words, and I was impressed by just how absorbed he was in the game. On reflection, […]

Don’t overload your learners

1st February 2017

Working memory (previously referred to as short term memory) has a very limited capacity and can only hold a few pieces of information at a time. It is therefore important that we help learners process essential facts and avoid cognitive overload. Although only limited amounts of information can be stored, this information can be split […]

Why Digital?

5th July 2016

There’s no doubt in our minds that as a company grows, adding digital learning into the mix is a must. Moving your training to a digital platform not only saves on printing and transport costs, frees up trainers and ensures consistency and quality throughout, it also makes the content updatable, searchable, measurable, targeted, engaging and […]